About Us

Ella Mae
Ella can be found 99% of the time laying in the kitchen.  Our Chief Taste Tester, she has studied the art of eating well for many years.  Her favorite treat?  Anything made by Carberry Kitchen!
Everybody's favorite snuggle buddy.  You will most likely find her sleeping on just about any spot available...until the Pumpkin Peanut Butter comes out!
Loves everything about being outdoors.  Whether it is tracking squirrels and rabbits in the backyard or running with Mumma...she refuels with her namesake "Jesse's Jerky".  Low fat, good source of protein and high motivation is what keeps her running!
Our spunky puppy LOVES everyone and everything she meets!
Greet her with slice of Sweet Potato Jerky and she'll love you even more.
Combining her passion of cooking and baking with her love of dogs Lauren formally established Carberry Kitchen in 2014.  There was a need to create a wholesome treat that doesn't contain ingredients you can't pronounce.  The best part - dogs LOVE THEM!!  Yummy treats that keep your dog healthy and happy!
Has your dog tried our treats?
The believer of dreams, builder of kitchens and support system behind Carberry Kitchen.  Sharing in the belief that every family member deserves wholesome he can be found nibbling on some Beef Cheese with Savannah.