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Allison  — 5 star  We bought our pup the molasses buttermilk cookies, and she loves them!!! They smell so good too, not stinky like some treats. I will definitely be purchasing more, and recommending these to all my pup friends :)

Kendra  — 5 star  We got the pumpkin treats for our dog at a farmers market not long ago. They're the only treats other than her milkbones that she loves!
Nicole  — 5 star  My dog absolutely loves the chicken jerky!! I have to ration them out because she would eat them all at once!!
Jennifer  — 5 star  I bought a bag of treats for my dogs to try, they are both very picky. They love them!!!
Mona  — 5 star  My dog is allergic to everything, so finding treats can be difficult. He loved them and they were all natural.
Kailyn  — 5 star  The beef liver won my girl's heart! Best treat investment ever.
Josie  — 5 star  My two labs love your treats! They smell great too!


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